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AgroFresh introduces novel sensor technology

AgroFresh Solutions, Inc. and C2Sense, Inc. have co-developed proprietary sensors to monitor ethylene and 1-methylcyclopropene (1-MCP), the active ingredient in patented Sm¬¬artFresh™ post-harvest technology. The sensors are designed to deliver real-time information for better insights into the condition of fruit in refrigerated and controlled atmosphere (CA) storage rooms.

Sensors are being installed in select storage rooms in North America and Europe, and are expected to be installed in storage rooms in the southern hemisphere in 2017. Once installed, AgroFresh fruit physiologists will work with customers to monitor the SmartFresh application and storage room conditions to help optimize storage protocols. This technology and the related services are the latest AgroFresh offerings within the AdvanStore™ platform. 

"AgroFresh is committed to delivering the right application of SmartFresh at the right time to optimize the storage outcome," said Alastair Hill, Global Business Leader for AdvanStore platform, AgroFresh. "By pairing proven SmartFresh technology with real-time monitoring, our customers can confidently maintain the 'just off the tree' quality of their apples and pears in storage."

SmartFresh is applied after fruit is placed in storage rooms and helps maintain fruit at peak quality. Since each storage room has unique conditions, AgroFresh technical specialists provide customized storage and SmartFresh recommendations. The new sensors monitor the SmartFresh application and provide insight to storage conditions, increasing customer peace of mind. 

C2Sense is a start-up company that specializes in digitizing gas-sensing information for various applications. C2Sense is focused on applications in agriculture, industrial safety, environmental monitoring and other custom solutions.



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