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Google helps your favorite websites fight hackers

Google helps your favorite websites fight hackers Science & Technology World Website

Google's Safe Browsing initiative already prevents you from accessingshady websites, among other things. Now, the initiative is also making it easier for your favorite online destinations to combat various security issues as soon as they hit. The Safe Browsing console has expanded its Security Issues report to provide website owners with more context and detailed explanations about a particular security problem it finds. That could be any of the six types it can detect, including malware, deceptive pages, and harmful or uncommon downloads.

Besides the detailed reports, the Safe Browsing console now also recommends different courses of action website owners can take, along with sample URLs they can use to unearth the source of the problem. These new features could help website developers fight off hackers and address potential security breaches as soon as possible, which can keep you and your information safe in turn.



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