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Prassack Advisors releases a weather data technical guide

Agriculture technology solutions are rapidly evolving from basic data management tools to true decision support systems. Granular weather data is integral to a successful precision agriculture solution, and best-in-class offerings will intelligently integrate them with myriad other contextual data and agronomic models in a user-friendly format that provides specific, actionable, and timely insights.

Prassack Advisors has recently released a report to help companies get up to speed on weather data: The Value of Weather Data for Agronomic Decision Support Systems.

“Weather data is an integral part of the precision agriculture solution,” said Dave Lundberg, Executive Consultant with Prassack Advisors. "For decision support, farmers need more than just a simple weather forecast."

This weather data report is a primer to provide a better working knowledge of weather data for agriculture.  From this report, agricultural solutions providers will be more prepared to evaluate the implementation of weather data into their solution and better able to communicate with and support their end users.

The Value of Weather Data for Agronomic Decision Support Systems addresses key questions including:

  • How can weather data improve decision support?

  • What insight will be actionable, what insights will be most helpful – and when?

  • How should I evaluate a weather data provider for agricultural solutions?

  • What are the different types of weather data and what should I know about how data is produced?

  • What are best practices to incorporate weather data insight into an agronomic solution?

This report will be valuable to solution providers, weather data companies, input suppliers, consulting and research firms, and investors. Prassack Advisors' consultants can help you track and understand weather innovation and help you build a strategy around it. 



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