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Stell Environmental specializes in environmental and planning consulting

Stell is a woman-owned business specializing in environmental and planning consulting services. The professionals of Stell have the fundamental understanding that our society faces environmental challenges that are more complex and difficult than those we have historically confronted. Stell is dedicated to improving quality of life for current and future generations by providing expertise and knowledge to advance a healthy sustainable planet.

Stell provides a holistic approach when meeting the needs of our clients. Our approach benefits a customer in as many ways as possible, not just in a way that satisfies a law or regulation. We put our customer's need as our first priority, and understand that every single service we provide will help to create a more sustainable environment for our future.

Stell provides advice that is both innovative and effective, and represents what we think is the “Best” way to meet objectives and requirements. Stell owners and staff are acutely aware of the challenges facing our society, and we provide an array of services that attempt to meet those challenges. We are unwavering in our commitment to provide clients with sustainable solutions to their environmental needs.

Stell staff members include Licensed Professional Geologists, Professional Engineers, and Scientists that specialize in environmental characterization and remediation, permitting, and property transfer and development. Stell staff members also include planners certified by the American Institute of Certified Planners, Biologists, and GIS/CADD Professionals that specialize in natural resources, smart growth, and conservation planning. These skilled professionals form an integrated team ideally suited for assessment, planning, and reuse of brownfields, and revitalizing distressed areas into vibrant, livable communities.

Members of our staff have worked completing projects for the Army Corps. of Engineers, National Parks Service, Forest Service, and the Postal Service for over 15 years. This work includes environmental characterization and remediation, NEPA planning, hazardous waste management, staffing, waste water engineering, and environmental permitting. We have received “Exceptional” and “Very Good” ACASS ratings for almost all of our work.



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