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BioGene launches Leptra technology to combat corn caterpillars

BioGene has announced it will add the Leptra technology for protection against insects across its line of seed products. Leptra combines the technologies of Agrisure Viptera, YieldGard, Herculex I, and LibertyLink, providing wide-spectrum control over the main caterpillars that attack the corn crop, such as the fall armyworm, the lesser cornstalk borer, the wheat armyworm, the sugarcane borer, the southern armyworm, the corn earworm (Helicoverpa zea), and the black cutworm. 

The first hybrids to receive Leptra are the BG7046VYH and the BG7640VYH. The manufacturer guarantees, however, that new hybrids with this technology will soon be launched. The goal, according to BioGene, is to add more options to its line of products. 

The corn hybrids with the Leptra technology will include tolerance for the use of herbicides formulated with the ammonium glufosinate. According to the company, all the Leptra hybrids will receive Industrial Seed Treatment with DuPont Dermacor. 

BioGene noted that the use of the Leptra technology requires the adoption of sound agricultural practices to maintain its effectiveness with targeted plagues: “Generally, the adoption of Good Management Practices and Insect Resistance Management, which has as its main focus refuge structure and the use of chemical insecticides for the additional control of plagues when necessary, are important.”



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