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CLFMA, an animal feed manufacturer

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CLFMA, an animal feed manufacturer  Science & Technology World Website

CLFMA, the sole, All-India representative of manufacturers of nutritionally balanced and scientifically compounded feed for cattle, poultry, fish, prawns etc., manufacturers and suppliers of feed supplements & raw materials, feed plants & machinery and other service providers business associated with livestock industry. Today CLFMA has around 233 members including all sectors of the industry.

Few animal feed manufacturers way back in 1964 initiated the dialogue to give organizational bent to this industry. As a result, CLFMA was formed and registered on 8th June 1967, which in 1969 was registered as a charitable public trust. The prime objective of CLFMA is helping the promotion of overall animal husbandry, by promoting the concept of balanced feeding of animals in accordance with their nutritional requirements for deriving the maximum output from them through productivity improvement.

CLFMA is fully committed to manufacturing and supplying high quality; safe and conversion-efficient animal feeds to livestock farmers at prices affordable to them.

During 2010, at the AGM held at Chandigarh, the resolution was passed to form a Sub-Committee to broad-base CLFMA of India.

It was agreed by the members present that all sectors of livestock industry should come together for the progress of the industry.



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