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Mobile games highlighted at Digital Entertainment Expo in E. China

Mobile games have been one of the highlights of the now-concluded China Digital Entertainment Expo and Conference in Shanghai.

A total of 37 different games were on display at this year's exhibit, including 23 mobile games.

"The great thing about mobile games is that you can play them at any time, in any place. For example, you could play the game on bus or on subway."

Hou Miao is with one of the game producers taking part in this year's event.

He says even if you're not interested in playing, most mobile games now have a spectator option.

"You may not like playing the games, but you can watch a game involving your friends, your family members or whomever. We think this can really help us gain more clients and enlarge the coverage of our games."

Industry reports suggest there are around 490 million gamers in China right now.

The sale of mobile games has soared nearly 80 percent so far this year to 37.5 billion yuan.



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