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Xiamen is a beautiful coastal city as well as an energetic and vigorous port city in Southeast China. It holds a championship of the International Nations in Bloom Competition, and has been accredited as City of Civility by the Chinese Government. Being one of the first Chinese cities opened to the outside world, Xiamen is the regional economic center on the western coast of the Taiwan Straits. The economy in Xiamen has been growing fast and steadily in decades, and its social undertakings boomed at a equal pace. Pro-business environment and harmonious community are what investors from all over the world could expect here in the city.

The rapid evolution of the world’s information technology creates golden opportunities for the development of the software industry. Xiamen Municipal Government recognizes the core position of the software industry in the IT sector, and takes it as the indicator of a city’s comprehensive strength and level of modernization. Therefore, in the 11th Five-Year-Plan, the Government listed software industry on the top of its development priorities, and decided to accelerate the construction of Xiamen Software Park.

Xiamen Software Park consists of the Software Park Incubation Base (the first phase) and the Software Park Industry Base (the second phase). The Industry Base sits in a beautiful setting in northeastern Xiamen Island. To its back is the Huzaishan Forest Park, and the Xiang’an New City and Jinmen Islands are clearly visible in front. In close distance are the International Exhibition andConference Center, International Tennis Center, an International Five-Star Hotel, International Conference Center, GuanyinshanInternational Business Center, Xiangshan International Yacht Club Dock, as well as Xiamen University, Jimei University, Xiamen University of Technology, Xiamen Arts and Design College of Fuzhou University and the New University Town of Xiamen. XiamenSoftware Park has reasonable function distribution, perfect service system, advanced mechanism as well as excellent humanistic environment and entrepreneurial environment.

The Industry Base of Xiamen Software Park is designed according to the scale of state-level software parks. It covers an area of 1.063 square kilometers, and the total construction area is 1,636,400 square meters; the plot ratio is 1.367, and the site coverage is 21.5%; the greening rate is 55%. The Park provides 7,116 parking spaces. Upon completion, the Park will become one of the largest software parks in China. 

The construction of the Park started on 6 Sept. 2005, following the professional principle of high starting point and high standards. The buildings are endowed with a simple yet impressive architectural style, symbolizing the spirit of being modern, enterprising and innovative, which are the attributes of a high-tech industry. The structure and shape of the buildings are greatly diversified to represent different Chinese and Western architectural traditions. The whole area is magnificently landscaped with ornamental lawns, ponds and shaded paths, echoing to the surrounding natural beauty. The lively waters, stones, grasses and woods are fresh and lively,  inspiring people’s entrepreneurial enthusiasm.

The Park allows 40,000 people to work in it.  It is divided into four functional areas: Information Technology Service Area, ACG Area, Software R&D and IC Design Area and Administrative Area. The ACG Area is equipped with world-class motion-capture studios and cartoon exhibition rooms and other facilities. It will become one of the biggest-sized and peculiar R&D areas in the world. There are four categories of services available in the Park:

Technical Support:

The Park has a public technical support platform which provides low-cost large hardware platform, comprehensive development environment, testing and training services for business start-ups. New businesses can obtain help from this public technical platform in the fields of software research, development, transplanting, testing, training and accreditation. It will set up a virtual university jointly with universities or research institutions to provide R&D services, technology services and talents training services.

Public service system:

Departments of industry & commerce, tax, law, accounting, intellectual property, investment, enterprise management, comprehensive services will be set up within the park to provide the companies with “one stop service” of business registration, tax paying, legal support, accountant services, patent protection, fund-raising, business administration, and comprehensive service. 

Marketing Service:

The Park provides one-series services for software production and marketing, helping the companies to showcase their products, promote sales, commercialize research results, establish cooperation with foreign partners, etc..

Human Resource service:

The Park will create a favorable talent environment for software enterprises by helping companies hunt and exchange talents and train them.

With all these services, Xiamen Software Park will emerge as a country-level base for software production, export and R&D. It has the right infrastructure, favorable policies and excellent services for the enterprises to grow and prosper here. It will grow into one of the biggest software industry parks on the west coast of Taiwan Straits.

Xiamen Software Park is a strategic move taken by the government to build the city into a central city in the Economic Zone on theWestern Coast of the Taiwan Straits. It is also a key action taken by Xiamen Government to take the opportunity of industrial adjustment to promote a new round of leap-forward development. The construction of “Information Xiamen and Science & technologyXiamen” has become a major strategic direction for the future development of Xiamen.

As Xiamen is blessed with such admirable natural conditions, the Software Park built in the “Garden City on the Sea” is just like the pearl on the crown. It will produce first-class environment, service and industry through innovation in mechanism, management and service. It will give a highlight to the new construction and development blueprint of Xiamen City.

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