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Romania opens museum to reflect "odyssey" of its gold in 1940s

Romania on Tuesday opened a museum to reflect "the odyssey" of the country's gold at the end of World War II.

The Tismana Treasure Museum is located in a cave, which was served during 1944 and 1947 as a cache for about 200 tons of gold that was hidden for fear it could become prey toward the end of WWII.

In early 2007, the National Bank of Romania decided to have a museum set up in the cave of the Tismana Monastery to showcase the action in 1944, when the bank, the government, the army and the state railway carrier joined forces to hide the gold.

The entire amount of gold was kept in the cave until 1947, right after the war, when the gold was transferred by three trains to the capital city of Bucharest.



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