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Linyi Economic & Technology Development Area

Linyi Economic & Technology Development Area. Science & Technology World Website

Linyi Economic & Technology Development Area was initially approved by Shandong Provincial People’s Government in June, 2003, and was granted to be upgraded to a National Economic & Technology Development Area by the State Council in December, 2010. This international newly-developed area has 3 sub-districts and 118 villages with a total population of 260,000 and a total area of 223 square kilometers. It is taken as The Area of Technological Innovation/ Modern Trade & Industry/ Famous Brand/ Ecological Tours/ Civilized Harmony. Geographically, Linyi Economic & Technology Development Area borders upon Yihe River -- the longest river in Shandong Province -- to the west, Shuhe River to the east, and Mount Huangshan to the north, which provides investors and enterprisers quite good condition to issue their prospectus. Titles of honor Linyi Economic & Technology Development Area was awarded in recent years include: U.N.-Issued Ecological Industrial Platform, National Eco-industrial Demonstration Park, National-Torch-Program Software Industry Base, State-level Demonstration Base of Innovated Integration of Production-Teaching-Research, National Scientific & Technological Enterprise Incubators, National Low-carbon Industrial Park, National Pilot Zone of Construction on Regional Brands of Industrial Clusters, Demonstration Zone of Establishment on Domestically Famous Brands, China’s Demonstration Base of Logistics, State-level New Industrialization Demonstration Area, National High-tech-industrialized Base of Engineering Machinery, National Demonstration Base of Science Education for Teenagers, National Demonstration Park of Recyclable Renovation, China’s Top 10 Efficiency-Development Area, Shandong Provincial Demonstration Base of E-Commerce,et cetera.

Advantageous Location

Linyi Economic & Technology Development Area is located at the confluence of The Yangtze River Delta Economic Zone and Bohai-Rim Economic Circle, which means the intermediate region of Beijing and Shanghai meanwhile the center of South-Shandong-North-Jiangsu Economic Zone. Accordingly, it is regarded as the rallying point of crowds, logistics and capital. For transport, it has the biggest air harbor of South Shandong – Linyi Airport – which offers flights to more than 40 domestic cities and an international flight to South Korea; surrounding famous port cities like Qingdao, Rizhao and Lianyungang provide it with convenient water transport; Yanzhou-Rizhao Railway and Tongjiang-Sanya Railway pass through this newly developed area. Additionally, it is the junction of four expressways including Beijing-Shanghai, Rizhao-Dongming, Changchun-Shenzhen and Ji’nan-Qingdao, meanwhile the State Hwy. 205 and 327 as well as fourteen Provincial Hwy.

Improved Infrastructure

For infrastructure facilities, 280 kilometers highway were newly constructed, therefore a road network of Ten Vertical & Twelve Horizontal was formed, besides, the accomplishment Lin’gong Bridge and Shuhe Bridge contributes to transport facilities of the area. For logistics, relying on Linyi’s renowned title Capital of Logistics, Linyi Economic and Technological Development Area has built up a 30-k㎡logistics zone which attracts some well-known professional logistics corporations such as Huarun Medical Logistics (a Fortune Global 500company), Lichen Logistics (the largest logistics company in Shandong Province), state-owned Linyi Medical Logistics (the largest medical logistics company in North China), Huapaike Logistics (the largest plastic logistics in East China), China Ford International Agricultural Park (the largest agricultural logistics enterprise across China), China North Furniture & Building Materials Park (the largest hardware & steel logistics enterprise), etc.. With increasing development of logistics industry in Linyi Economic & Technology Development Area, the total value of its freight turnover came to 160 billion yuan in 2014. For financial industry, more than 40 financial institutions including Fortune Global 500 Companies China Citic Bank, China Life established municipal branch offices at Linyi Economic & Technology Development Area. For supporting commercial facilities, several newly constructed office buildings such as Mingdu International, Yunlong Building, etc. are taking shape into the CBD, meanwhile, star-rated hotels and high-grade residential community are well equipped to this newly developed zone.

Developed Industry

Given the dedication to development of industry and trade, a famous-brands-clustered zone is already beginning to take shape, and following five expanding industries indicate industry has become an advantage of Linyi Economic & Technological Development Area: sophisticated equipment manufacturing industry, electronic information industry, medicine and foods industry, e-commerce industry, and new energy & new material.


Livable Environment

Ecological tourism is flouring in Linyi Economic & Technological Development Area with its unique flavor. Based on the National 4A Tourism Attraction the Leisure & Tourism Park of Huangshan Dongyi (East Barbarians) Culture, Huangshan Dongyi (East Barbarians) Culture Museum was constructed and grew into the first museum featured by the East Barbarians Culture across China. Additionally, Linyi Zoological and Botanical Garden have been certified as the National 4A Tourism Attraction, the F1 World Motorboat Championships and China International Water Scooter Contest had been held successfully in this area, the Three Rivers has got effectively ecological treatment, the construction of National Yihe & Shuhe River Wetland Park has been completed, and the multifunctional Eastern Linyi Ecological District has been certified as the Provincial Tourist Resort. As for social undertakings, the government has been dedicated to developing a tightly woven and sturdy safety net for people’s well-being which indicated by the great achievements have been made in education, social employment, public health, social security and social welfare. Increasing financial expenditurehas been put into the improvement of educational facilities, benefiting sixteen primary and secondary schools were successfully in their expansion and reconstruction.


Preferential Policies

Linyi Economic & Technological Development Area is taking full advantages of its preferential policies to achieve all-round development. For one thing, the local administration has been committed to improving the system of policy-supporting, coordinated supervision and the ability to enforce the law, for another, the government has been taking a self-purifying approach to clarify the rights of various departments. Given the overall situation that China’s economic development has entered a new normal, meaning we must adopt a new mindset to tackle many tough issues, the administrative agency of Linyi Economic & Technological Development Area is making efforts to promote two engines – popular entrepreneurship and innovation, and greater supplies of public goods and service – to drive development. In general, the area is stepping up its efforts to build up a basic safety net, ensure there is a cushion in place for those most in need, and make due institutional arrangements to maintain sustainable economic growth.



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