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Grantop is devoted to the municipal solid waste management

Grantop is devoted to the municipal solid waste management. Science & Technology World Website

As a large state-owned corporation which is supervised by State-owned Assets Supervision and Admission Commission of Guangzhou Municipal Government, Grantop is devoted to the municipal solid waste management, including the investment, construction, operation and maintenance of municipal solid waste projects, as well as the green technology development and the manufacture of equipment.

As one of the most developed cities in China, Guangzhou produces over 18,000 tons of garbage a day in 2012. And it is predicted to reach 22,000 tons in 2015. To solve the “garbage siege”problem, Grantop Group was established with great support from Guangzhou government in 2012.

In fact, we have established a development strategy of "inception from environment protection equipment manufacturing and expansion into the overall environment protection industry" since 2002.

For many years, we have been proactively communicating and cooperating with prominent foreign environment protection firms, and we import advanced integrated treatment technologies for solid wastes in an effort to continuously enhance our competitive strengths. In the meantime, we carry out intensive cooperation with universities and research institutes to digest and commercialize the imported technologies. Through our proprietary innovation, we have successfully developed the core technologies that properly address the disposal of urban household refuses in the PRC, which technologies formed many of our national invention patents that has added to our proprietary intellectual property rights and hence built up our core competitive strengths.

Based in Guangzhou, we already have Guangzhou Waste-to-energy Plant No.1 and Guangzhou Xingfeng MSW Sanitary Landfill. For bringing better quality of city environment , we are carrying out and planning multiple projects which are expected to be completed before 2015. For further development, with the ambition of providing services for more districts, we shall expand our business into a wider range which includes the investment, construction, operation and management of municipal solid waste project, as well as green technology research and manufacture of environmental protection equipment., Grantop is expected to be China’s leading state-owned corporation of environmental protection industry in the next 3-5 years.



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