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Nanoplustech, a worldwide leader in the nanoparticle sorting industry

Nanoplustech, a worldwide leader in the nanoparticle sorting industry.  Science & Technology World Website

Nanoplustech is a new material company established in 2007. Nanoplustech has the capabilities of research, developing, manufacturing and selling. We focuses on nanoparticle sorting and application developing, and specializes on high efficiency thermal conductive material, which has wild application in many industries, such as electronic and electro mechanic.

Nanoplustech is the worldwide leader in the nanoparticle sorting industry. The core value of Nanoplustech has maintained capability of researching, and retailing of nanopartical new material products. We provide high quality and high size-concentrated nanoparticles, which include carbon based diamond, ceramic, metallic materials, and chemical compound materials and more. It has wild application in many industries, for instant electron communication, microelectronics, cosmetic and health, and organic chemical engineering.

Nanoplustech also focuses on the research and development of Sol-Gel Coating. This includes materials such as Silica, Titanium Dioxide, Alumina, and Zinc Oxide…etc. Using different nanomaterials for coating, we are able to give customers’ products additional properties such as waterproof, hydrophobic, UV/IR filtration ability, anti-scratch, anti-glare…etc. 

Nanoplustech has the technology of thermal conductive plastic. It was used in aerospace technology, which could be formed as customer by injection molding technique. It means, our thermal conductive plastic could be the substitution material for metallic thermal conductive materials, which would instantly reduce the cost of forming processes. It is by far the latest technology for thermal conducting. Beside, We  develop and manufacture high efficiency thermal grease. It is used on interface of CPU, GPU, and many high efficiency microchip and LED. We also develop and manufacture thermal conductive encapsulant. It is used in electric circuit conjunction sealing, and LED power sealing.

Nanoplustech believes in Grateful, Honest, Practical and Dilligent. These beliefs  reflect on how we handle business. Our beliefs have keep us provide the latest technology, the best quality, and the most competitive price with excellent service in the industry. We have the confidence to create and develop more innovated technology to continue the competitive capability in the industry, and keep providing the best quality of service.

Dominating the factory waste recycling,high density Waste Water & sludge treat & recycle Equipment、Coating waste water treat & recycle Equipment。Under the premise of protecting the environment ,it can assist customer to improve capacity and efficiency. With the latest environmental protection products industry technology, and the most perfect after-sales service, providing the best products and services for our customers .

The Nano Super Ion Water that our company produced,has strong ability of cleaning, sterilization and disinfection ,it also has excellent removal efficiency for grease, wax, ink and other pollutants, because it does not contain  organic solvent, in the process of using the product will not cause secondary pollution and avoid causing accidents such as fire.  Nano Super Ion Water are widely used in the field of industry and people's livelihood.

Building-Operation-Own Pattern is a recognised new market operation mode, NANO company  implement a win-win with customers service and business philosophy, with B.O.O mode of business cooperation pattern is given priority to customers of high concentration waste industry.

B.O.O cooperation mode embodies the "overall planning and step-by-step implementation, customer supervision, professional operation" of the building, managing, integrated protection requirements.

Under a team of Russian scientists, Nanoplustech strives to focus on Laser Controlled Thermal Cracking to replace the current Laser Cutting Methods such as diamond sawing, scribing, and stealth dicing. Our laser cutting technology can be used on various materials such as glass, sapphire, silicon wafer, LED wafers, ceramics…etc. We can also provide single/double layer cutting and or linear/non-linear cutting.  

Nanoplustech is known as an honest, competitive with its high quality products and services. It is our pleasure to have the opportunity to introduce our products and beliefs our to our customers. 



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