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Guohe, a state high-tech enterprise

Guohe is a state high-tech enterprise established by doctors who ever studied in the USA and Japan, specializing in the development, production, sales and services of new eco-friendly materials. Guohe’s headquarter is located in Chengdu National Economic and Technology Development Zone. It owns three subsidiaries, Sichuan Guohe New Materials Co., Ltd., Chengdu Guohe Science & Technology Co., Ltd., Changshu Guohe New Materials Co., Ltd., and also many external offices. Guohe has been named as "Sichuan Emerging Industry Key Enterprise", "Sichuan Constructing Innovative Enterprise", "Sichuan Intellectual Property Pilot Enterprise".

As the supporting institutions, Guohe established the "Green and Energy-saving Material Engineering TechnologyResearch Center", with an experienced innovative team and 2,000 m2 of advanced laboratories. The company also has strengthened cooperation with domestic and overseas famous universities and enterprises by sharing resources and undertaking development projects in various forms. Since 2005, Guohe has assumed national, provincial and municipal science & technology programs and industrialization projects, such as the "Eleventh Five-Year" National Technology Support Program, to be advanced on development ability in international. Guohe exploited alcohol soluble and alcohol-water soluble PA resins and PA-PU copolymer resins first. And successfully developed various eco-friendly products of resin, adhesive and coating with independent intellectual rights. We have applied for 89 items of intellectual property rights for our core technologies and have been authorized 59, which fully guarantee the products' monopoly and competitiveness in the market.

To accomplish the industrialization of research results independently, Guohe established automatic product lines of 60 thousand tons per year in southwest and East China bases that realizes the safe, controlled and stable production progress. It also built innovative eco-friendly industrial chains, which have excellent performance, clean and energy-saving progress, large scale production, products serialization and integration of up and down stream. Over the years, Guohe dependants on constantly improving innovative abilities and an outstanding and flexible generation mechanism of market-oriented, joint development, benefit sharing and gradually excellent deliverable to win general customers' trust and cooperation. Guohe's products have been sold throughout the world and have been identified as ''State Important New Product Award '', ''Chengdu Independent Innovation Products'', ''Chengdu Local Famous Quality Products'', etc.



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