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Ningbo Dacheng Advanced Material Co.,Ltd.

Ningbo Dacheng Advanced Material Co.,Ltd., established in 1985, is one of the first “National Innovative Enterprises and National Key &Hi-Tech Enterprises”. It is the first domestic enterprises specializing in developing, producing and marketing ultra high molecular weight polyethylene fiber and its series of products.

Ever since establishment, the company has adhered to the principle of developing the enterprise by science and technology, promote independent innovation, and keeps a long-term cooperation with scientific research institutions. We have successively implemented 8 projects of National Torch Plan, 3 projects of National Hi-Tech Development (863) Plan, 2 projects of Hi-Tech Research Industrialization Plan of National Development and Reform Commission, 1 project of Key Program for Science and Technology Development of China. Up to now, we have developed 25 new products designed by Ningbo Municipal Government, applied and been granted 25 national inventions patents, 3patents of International PTC program, 1 patent granted by American authority, 14 patents of utility model, passed ISO9001 National Standard Compliance in 2000, and GJB9001A Conformity of Quality Management System Certification in 2005. Our search achievements have been honored the first price of technology advancement award by Ningbo Municipal Government in 2005, the same award by Zhejiang Provincial Government in 2006, and the second prize of technology advancement award by Central Government in 2009.

We have two main products series:

Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene fiber and bulletproof including high-performance bulletproof jacket, bulletproof helmet and bulletproof plate, anti-explosion and anti-cutting products.

High performance, low cost, differentiation of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene fiber and high performance twist knotless net, high strength rope and other series of civilian products.



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