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Zhuzhou Times New Material Technology Co., Ltd.

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Zhuzhou Times New Material Technology Co., Ltd. (TMT) is specialized in polymer materials research and engineering applications and is a leading supplier for the development, production and sales of NVH components and polymer composite materials for the railway, automotive, construction as well as wind power industry. Our products are widely applied in different fields such as railway and urban transportation, commercial vehicles and passenger cars as well as wind power, bridge and building constructions and engineering machinery etc.

Moreover, TMT is a high-tech research and industrialization base for polymer composite materials and NVH technology with the largest scale of operations as well as cutting-edge technological strength.

TMT keeps focusing on independent innovation along the lines of our “Technology First” development strategy and continuously expand capabilities with an annual investment of nearly 7% of annual sales in R&D. Therefore, TMT has been able to make positive contributions to the technological development of acceleration, heavy load, lightweight and comfort of transportation equipment.

With prompt response, reliable high-quality products for different industries, first-class R&D capabilities and our operation philosophy of putting customers interests to the highest priority, TMT is an excellent supplier for global transportation solutions through innovations in concepts, management, technology, markets and products.



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