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DongWoo Animation Co. Ltd is an animation studio located in Seoul

DongWoo Animation Co. Ltd (also known as DongWoo A&E Co. Ltd) is an animation studio located inSeoul, South Korea. It has produced many animated series and films created and produced in the United States, Canada, South Korea and Japan. The current CEO of the studio is Kim, Young-Doo.


The company was established in March 1991 as DongWoo Animation.

In 1994, it had become first priority work-for-hire studio for Studio Gallop.

In 1998, it began to work directly with Sony Columbia TriStar (USA), and since 2002 has been a main source of overseas animation production for Warner Bros. Animation.

In April 1999, the company was renamed to DongWoo Animation Corporation (Dongwoo A&E Corporation).

BASToF Lemon, the company's first original animation series, began its broadcast in 2001.

In January 2002, Dongwoo opened its Los Angeles Office.

In April 2004, Dongwoo opened its Gangwon office.

In April 2012, DongWoo Animation & Entertainment was renamed to Dongwoo A&E Co., Ltd.



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