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Yunnan Baiyao Group Co., Ltd. is a Chinese pharmaceutical enterprises

Yunnan Baiyao Group Co., Ltd. is one of the most well-recognized Chinese pharmaceutical enterprises in Yunnan Province which has the largest scale, best brand, and most abundant strength abilities. It enjoys many reputations like one of the ten key large-scale enterprises in Yunnan province, one of the national innovative pilot enterprises in China, one of top 100 enterprises in China with the most dynamic energy, as well as one of the top 50 best performance enterprises. Group's trademark is evaluated as one of the most famous trademark in China, which is popular among the public as a time-honored brand.

Yunnan Baiyao was successfully formulated by Mr. Qu Huanzhang in 1902, which was honored as “trauma panacea”. Through a-century-time continuously accumulation and development, Yunnan Baiyao has gone through forming stage, factory construction stage, and transformation stage. It has entered into its revolutionary strategic transformation stage with a rapid development since the turn of the 21st century. 

Without any external capital investment in, major business income of the Company has continuously increased to RMB 4.1 billion in 2007 from 2000’s RMB 232 million, which reached 18 times growth. The net profit has soared from RMB 18 million to RMB 338 million reached 19 times net increase. Indexes of the Company hit historical peak point in 2007, and the business income and net profit were both ranked in the 1st place in the traditional Chinese medicine industry.  

Development of Yunnan Baiyao Group reflects not only in rapid growth of economic indexes, but more importantly, in the innovative activities on enterprise system and products. Innovation has become the momentum for enterprise development.

The Company has begun to implement in-depth enterprise internal operation and management system since 1999, such as intrapreneuring mechanism, chief scientist system, salary and wage coefficient system, invented operation mode, and internal order system. Moreover, the implementation of ERP system facilitates maximally optimize and recombine of the company’s internal business flow, and built the overall foundation system for enterprise development. 

Being market and clients oriented, the company carries out reform and improvement on internal organizing system at proper time, consistently improves and drives the limited resources concerntrating to the market, along with the constantly expended operation scale and self-development demands, the company motivates the undertaking passion of marketing personnel from the aspect of organization guarantee. Up to now the Company has six marketing divisions in total, including Medicine Division, Transdermal Product Division, Health Product Division, Original Herbal Medicine Division, Yunnan Province Pharmaceuticals Company and Overseas Business Division.

Overseas Business Division was established in 2002. Guided by the overall development strategy of the Company, the Division, of which the core business is international marketing on major products of Yunnan Baiyao Group, actively explores international markets for medicines, health products, medical dressing, daily consumables and medical makeup, meanwhile brings in internationally advanced products, technology and important materials and equipments, thus providing effective support to enhance the overall core competitiveness of the Group; carries out “Yunnan Baiyao” brands'  registration, protection, publicity and promotion in foreign countries through products; actively promotes international cooperation network and steadily expedites the implementation process of  Yunnan Baiyao Group’s global strategy. 

While persisting funcion exploration and deeply developing old products’ dosage forms, Yunnan Baiyao Group launches huge investment in design, R & D of products, and fosters market. Many products are developed in succession, including Yunnan Baiyao woundplast, Yunnan Baiyao Aerosol, Yunnan Baiyao Toothpaste, Yunnan Baiyao Hemorrhoids Ointment, Yunnan Baiyao first-aid kit, etc. At present, the company has had six products with more than RMB 100 million sales volumes in each one, so the company has developed from relying on one leading product to several “gold cow” products; meanwhile the product network which will support the development of the Company in a few coming years is also basically shaped.

Yunnan Baiyao Group is a professional pharmaceutical enterprise with a long history. It has been always the Company’s operation policy to develop a powerful major business, a leading enterprise in the industry and a century standing enterprise. Meanwhile, the Company will further expand relevant health product industry focusing on the core of “medicine”. It aims to build the “new Baiyao and super Baiyao” brand concept through three transformation, “speeding up developing mode transformation, feature brand innovation, and industrial agglomeration” , making Yunnan Baiyao a symbol of health and joy, and carve out a bright future.

When it welcomes the new century, in order to maintain the healthy and continuing development trend, Yunnan Baiyao Group proposes the development concept of “making a competitive manufacturing enterprise and an excellent enterprise”. Centering on the core competitiveness of the Group, the Company plans and integrates group economic resources, optimizes group economic structure, reasonably arranges industrial plates, fosters the new economic growth points and cultivates self-perfection capability and innovation capacity.

Based on current resources, Yunnan Baiyao Group will relocate and build a completely new natural pharmaceutical base with an integration of medicine manufacture & processing and medicine circulation, which covers the total land area 1,027 mu(approximately 685,009 square meters), and the total project investment of which will exceed RMB one billion. The re-arrangement and reasonable planning on management, marketing, production, R & D, and logistics of the current Group lays a solid foundation for the accumulation and soaring development so as for the century standing Baiyao enterprise.



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