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Guilin Sanjin Pharmaceutical Co., Limited was founded in 1967. It is specialized in research and production of  Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM)  and natural medicine, and is also one of the earliest enterprises that produces contemporary TCM preparations. In 2009, the enterprise has  completed a sales income of  US$ 1.84 billion and realized profits and taxes of US$0.86million. Its main indicators have been first among the pharmaceutical industry in Guangxi for many years, and it ranks among the forefront of top 10 enterprises of TCM industry steadily in China. 

Sanjin is a high-tech enterprise, it has a state-level technology center and post-doctoral research station.  All kinds of professional technicians including doctors, masters, professor level senior engineers account for 45% of the total number of employees; Over the years, the enterprise has strived to promote and achieve the modernization of TCM industry, actively fostered and enhanced the independent innovation and development capacity. The watermelon frost which has been created by the company with modern science and technology has exclusively realized the industrialized production of watermelon frost at home and abroad, and make this well-known throat medicine with 200 years of history walk out of the plight of being on the verge of extinction, and blossom in radiant splendor again. It is praised as the "Model of Processing Technology Reform of Chinese Traditional Medicine ".At the same time, the series of products of watermelon frost developed by this unique technology and resources advantages have been sold well successively in the domestic and foreign markets and is praised as the "the Fourth Treasure of Guilin ". At present, the company has taken the lead in Guangxi’s Chinese medicine industry to pass the GMP certification of national SFDA and Australian TGA. It possesses dozens of medicine varieties developed by its self with its exclusive features such as Sanjin Watermelon Frost, Watermelon Frost Lozenge, Sanjin Tablet, Naomaitai Capsules, etc.  Its main varieties of Watermelon Frost and Sanjin Tablets etc, have been registered for sale as food or medicines in 14 countries or regions in the globe. The Group now has 193 TCM varieties under state registration, including eleven preparations of tablet, capsule, granule, injection, spray, powder, etc, in which 41 are varieties with its exclusive features developed through its own research and 88 are the state's basic drugs, 20 are Chinese TCM protected varieties.

Sanjin has formed strong professional and market advantages in drug administrations of throat, oral cavity and urinary system. Its representative products of Sanjin Watermelon Frost,  Watermelon Lozenge and Sanjin Tablet are Chinese TCM brand-name products. The trademark of "Sanjin" has been recognized by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce as "Chinese Well-known Trademark" and products of "Sanjin” are sold at home and abroad and enjoys a good reputation.

In the face of "WTO" challenges, Sanjin will insist on the unchangeable values of “Benefit the Life and Care the Health", relying on Guangxi's rich resources of Chinese herbal medicines, take traditional Chinese medicinal theory as a guide and modern science and technology as a means to develop modern TCM preparations with good effect, good quality and high technology, and which is quality-controllable with Sanjin characteristics and can meet the needs of domestic and foreign markets. We will build Sanjin into a research and development enterprise for TCMs and natural medicine which is first-rate domestically and leading in the world.



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