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Beijing Datsing Bio-tech Co., Ltd.

Introduction of headquarters

Founded in 2001, Beijing Datsing Bio-tech Co., Ltd. (“Datsing”) is a high-tech enterprise created by overseas returnees. Its headquarter is located at Room 701, Block C, Shangdi Jiahua Building, the core area of the Zhongguancun Science Park. Mr. Li Cihui is its legal representative and Mr. Li Xiangjie holds the post of general manager. As one of the first enterprises setting foot in industrialized exploration of tissue engineering, Datsing is mainly engaged in R&D, production, sales and services in respect of biomedical materials, regenerative medicines & tissue engineering as well as stem cell and biotherapy products.

In 2006, Datsing established strategic partnership with the West China Hospital, Sichuan University in the R&D of biomedical materials. Besides, it also made several breakthroughs in the industrialization of related technologies by integrating domestic and overseas advanced technologies and resources based on the technical advantages of the School of Life Sciences, the School of Materials Science and Engineering and the Department of Chemical Engineering under Tsinghua University as well as cooperation with various research institutions. Currently, Datsing has already possessed over 20 national invention patents including several avant-garde proprietary technologies. In addition, more than 10 patents of Datsing are in process. Datsing’s technologies cover such fields as tissue engineering bones and tendons, natural medical repairing materials, medical materials in functional polymers, etc.

The new generation high-tech products researched and manufactured by Dasting such as biodegradable haemostatic membranes (Datsing biopaper), allogenic bone repairing materials (BIO-GENE) and dental desensitizer (Aominqing) have obtained registration certificates for medical device issued by SFDA and been on the market in 2006, 2011 and 2012 respectively. At present, clinical studies are carried out on tendons, cartilaginous tissues, SIS and other tissue engineering products of the company in clinical trial bases appointed by the state. Besides, registration inspections for 3 products of the company are being handled in National Institute for Food and Drug Control, an institute designated by the state; several series of its products are under pre-clinical R&D stage. These products will make new contributions to the development of modern medical technologies and application of new medical materials with their technological and quality advantages.

Datsing has a high-tech talent group composed of experts, professors, doctors and masters, among which there are about 10 experts with senior titles and personnel with bachelor degree and above account for 72.6%. Since its foundation, Dasting has undertaken several key tasks assigned by the Ministry of Science and Technology of the PRC, by Beijing Municipality and by Sichuan Province, and has published more than 200 papers in professional academic journals and on conferences at home and abroad.

Manufacturing Center

Beijing Datsing Bio-Tech Co., Ltd. (Datsing) invested in construction of 2500 m2 modern GMP factories and laboratories at the Changping Science Park. In addition to the factory for production of Class III implantable medical devices, the large-scale cell culture workshop, the production line for cell and scaffold composite products, the bacteria detection room and the physical and chemical laboratory were constructed. With industry-leading manufacturing and testing equipment, we have always insisted on the implementation of total quality management for years.

Datsing has already got the Class III Medical Equipment Production License in August 2003, and passed the quality system assessment for medical device manufacturers in April 2005. Besides, Datsing passed the ISO9001 - IS O13485 International Quality System Certification in August 2007. In April 2012, Datsing became the first company passing the SFDA GMP certification in the industry.

Marketing System

Oriented towards hospital service, we always adhere to the management concept of integrating the technology research and development, the academic promotion and the professional marketing together. In addition, we always stick to the marketing mode of integrating the academic support with attracting investment by channel, providing our distributors with full range of product-related academic and marketing services. A perfect quality assurance system is implemented throughout the whole production and marketing process from raw material procurement to product delivery out of factory.

Our marketing system consists of the Marketing Department, the Sales Department, the Customer Service Department and the Medical Business Department. Our full-time marketing team established a strong marketing network covering over thirty provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions all over China. With support of the promotion plan prepared by the Marketing Department and the academic support given by the Medical Business Department, the products manufactured by Datsing have been widely used in nearly all surgical operating departments of almost one thousand hospitals in China.

Currently, Datsing has a sound nationwide sales network and a strict market protection system. For the marketing system, we have a professional business invitation team across China. In most regions of China, we execute the hospital resources oriented agent sales mode. We set up seven sales regions, i.e. East China Region, South China Region, North China Region, Northeast Region, Central China Region, Southwest Region and Northwest Region. Each region has the jurisdiction over 3~6 provinces (cities). The provincial managers are appointed for key provinces, responsible for clinical promotion in hospitals and coordination with commercial enterprises.

A detailed and efficient sales management database is established for our sales service system, which can offer all-around service support for hospital development, clinical promotion and commercial enterprises. With “customer-oriented, efficient implementation, management by objective and keep win-win” as our core operation principle, with the product quality and competitiveness as our footholds in the market, with long-term cooperation with vast number of distributors as our development driving force, we have made the Datsing products gradually become a well-known brand in the implantable consumable field in China.

Based on the humanized management policy, we introduced the advanced marketing concept, adopted an unconventional marketing mode and a marketing idea dominated by academic support and guided by products’ effectiveness to establish a powerful consultant system based on expert team. Academic brand of the products manufactured by Datsing is established through cooperation with relevant scientific research institutions and academic journals, so as to improve the market competitiveness of our products.

Chongqing Datsing Yicheng Bio-Tech Co., Ltd.

As a subsidiary of Beijing Datsing Bio-Tech Co., Ltd., Chongqing Datsing Yicheng Bio-Tech Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Chongqing Datsing”) was established in August 2002. Located in Jianqiao Industrial Park, Dadukou District, Chongqing, it covers an area of 68 mu. It is equipped with a 2500 m2 GMP workshop manufacturing porcine-derived biomaterials, a 2800 m2 medical and biological application platform for Chinese experimental miniature pigs and 2,200 m2 supporting research office facilities.

Chongqing Datsing has a close technical cooperation with the Third Military Medical University  and the Southwest Hospital, having a scientific research team composed of doctors and masters with many years of rich experience in bio-medical field, such as the experience in evaluation of gene therapy preparations, bio-materials and the drugs related to miniature pigs, heterograft, development of animal models for cardiovascular disease, skin wound repair and research on transgenic and clonal animals.

As a high-tech enterprise in Chongqing Municipality, Chongqing Datsing is devoted to R&D of biological product as well as R&D and manufacturing of Class III medical device “artificial skin”. Depending on its featured product “TF - Gene Transfected Pigskin for Transplantation in Burn Patients”, it became the first enterprise obtaining the Class III Medical Device Registration Certificate issued by CFDA in China, which is a new biological material with proprietary intellectual property right and original innovation, having 20 patent certificates.

Chongqing Datsing R&D Center, which is a national technology platform for the medical and biological application for miniature pigs, with a Grade III breeding and supply system for sterile defidrinated pig, specific-pathogen-free (SPF) pig and standardized pig. The center provides technical service for evaluating products and making animal models by utilizing the standardized miniature pig, having the facilities and abilities for studying the comparative genomics between pigs and human, the transgenic pigs and the biomaterials.

Everyone has his own desired Mount Everest. As a world-leading bio-tech company, Datsing will be devoted to such fields as biomedical materials, regenerative medicine and tissue engineering, stem cell and biological therapy. Adhering to the enterprise spirit of being passionate, persevering, sticking to innovation and pursuing mutually benefit, we are committed to reaching the epitome of excellence in life sciences, providing better solutions for human life and health.



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