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Wuyi International Pharmaceutical Company Limited

The Group are a vertically integrated specialty pharmaceutical group focused on manufacturing, marketing, and selling its branded prescription and over-the-counter western pharmaceuticals and modern Chinese medicine products, including modern Chinese medicine injectibles, for the Chinese market. Its diversified product portfolio consists of 28 currently manufactured and marketed products that address significant medical needs in China in the therapeutic areas of respiratory, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal and infectious diseases and cancer.

The Group's principal products comprise a diversified set of 14 western pharmaceutical and 14 modern Chinese medicine products, of which 22 require a physician's prescription and the remaining 6 are over-the- counter drugs that can be obtained without a physician's prescription. These principal products form part of its diversified portfolio of 125 products, for which it have received approval and registration from the SFDA, possess the requisite technology and capacity to manufacture, and stand ready to manufacture and market at any time when the market demand for and the anticipated margin commanded by a particular product justify the manufacture and marketing of such product. Based on its market research, the Group choose to manufacture and sell products that anticipate will have strong market demand and that are likely to generate high margins. The Group currently choose to manufacture and sell 28 principal products because they generate higher margins than other products included in its portfolio.

The Group's core strengths include its '3A' brand name, which is widely recognized for quality and reliability, and manufacturing and sales platform, from which it produce and market a diversified set of 14 western pharmaceuticals and 14 modern Chinese medicine products. The Group plan to leverage these strengths to increase the market share of its currently marketed products and to effectively launch new products into key target markets.



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