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Generay Biotech, a professional technology service company in China

Generay Biotech, a professional technology service company in China.  Science & Technology World Website

Generay Biotech Co, Ltd. is a professional technology service company which is in Shanghai, China. Our core business: Gene synthesis, Oligo synthesis, SNP Genotyping, Molecular biology kits, Molecular biology related service, and PCR related products. 
We have more than 5 years of cooperating experience with companies from America, Europe and Southeast Asia. We believe that you will be interested in our good products with high quality, professional custom services, and considerate after-sales service.

Gene Synthesis service 
1.Mature global supplier of Gene synthesis service. 
2.Production capacity is over 3,000,000 bas pairs per month.
3.Subcloning to our standard vetor pGH is free of charge.
4.Reliable delivery time, convenient customer online tracking system 
5.Considerate after-sales service)

DNA/RNAsynthesis service 
1. Synthesize 100 thousand base per day.
2. Several purification options: OPC、PAGE、HPLC
3. Have more than 30 kinds of fluorescent dye modifications
4. Provide RNA synthesis service.

Molecular Biology Kits 
1.Various kinds of DNA and RNA preps kits.
2. Our DNA purification column can be sold independently.
3. Various kinds of PCR product and clonging vectors.
4. Recruit global agents, partners and OEM suppliers for DNA molecular biology products

DNA Markers
Generay offers a series of DNA ladders/markers ranging from 50bp to 15000bp for accurate analysis of linear double-stranded DNA in agarose gel. 
Four series of Generay DNA Markers: 
AccurateRunTM DNA Marker series
FastRunTM DNA Marker series
NormalRunTM DNA Marker series
Prestained DNA Marker series
GelRed prestained DNA Markers are ready to use with GelRed dye which is better than EB, and SYBR GREEN. The GelRed prestained DNA Markers are time-saving, non-toxic, stable and sensitive.



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