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Beijing Science and Technology Co., Ltd. Greenchem

Greenchem Beijing Science and Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Company) was established in 2010, located in the Zhongguancun Haidian Science Park, in Hebei has a production base of support。

Company owned anhydrous anaerobic technology, specialized in organic phosphine compounds, organic phosphine complex development and production of precious metals composition, aromatic heterocyclic compounds and lead compounds, the technological advantages are obvious, and with the Beijing Institute of Technology, Nankai College of Chemistry, University and Chinese Academy of Sciences, Xi'an Technological University professors are returning from abroad has more than partnership. Production technology has developed more than 5000, national invention patent applications 7, put into the market sales Sold more than 100 kinds of products, selling products with conventional enough stock to meet different customer test, and require pilot scale production. The company has offices in Qingdao, Hong Kong, serving the famous medicine and liquid.

The company's quality assurance system, a comprehensive quality management, in 2012 passed ISO9001: 2008 certification. Give full play to human resources, technology and information superiority, in good faith to provide customers with the highest quality products and excellent service.

In order to further expand production capacity to meet the production the product volume needs of customers at home and abroad, Greenchem Beijing Science and Technology Co., Ltd.. Was founded in 2015, a wholly owned subsidiary, Greenchem Panjin Science and Technology Co., Ltd. 

Greenchem Panjin Science and Technology Co., Ltd. is in liaoning panjin chemical industrial park, park rail ditch in the east sea, south of liaohe, west Dan tin highway, taiping river, The transportation is convenientbase is equipped with many sets of 100-2000 - l reaction kettle, which can realize - 80-300 ℃ range of amplification reaction, can rapidly to Beijing Greenchem flexible amplification, production projects, all-round meet the demand of production.

The company mission: to become China's most distinctive research services company, provides the high quality for the customers at home and abroad green catalyst and high quality service, improve the level of industrial development.



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