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Allscripts Healthcare Solutions, Inc. is a publicly traded American company

Allscripts Healthcare Solutions, Inc. (MDRX-NASDAQ) is a publicly traded American company that providesphysician practices, hospitals, and other healthcare providers with practice management and electronic health recordtechnology. Allscripts also provides solutions for patient engagement and care coordination, as well as financialand analytics technology. The company has more than 180,000 physician users and has solutions in 2,700 hospitals and 13,000 extended care organizations.

Allscripts, founded in 1986, is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, with additional key operations located inRaleigh, North Carolina.

In 2008, Allscripts merged with the healthcare systems operations of rival Misys. In 2010, Allscripts-Misys merged with another major healthcare information technology competitor, Eclipsys. In March 2013, Allscripts acquired dbMotion, Ltd., a supplier of community health solutions and Jardogs LLC, a patient engagement solution provider, both privately held.



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