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MEDITECH is a Massachusetts-based software and service company

Medical Information Technology, Inc., commonly known as MEDITECH, is a Massachusetts-based software and service company selling information systems that are installed in health care organizations. The company was founded in 1969 by A. Neil Pappalardo.

Products and Services

MEDITECH offers software for health care organizations of various types and sizes. Some of the software modules offered by MEDITECH include the following: Health Information Management, Revenue Cycle, Scanning and Archiving, Scheduling and Referral Management, Emergency Department Management, Cost Accounting, Data Repository, General Accounting, Human Resource Planning, Supply Chain Management, Operating Room Management, Patient Discharge Instructions, Long Term Care Solutions, Behavioral Health Solutions, and Home Health Solutions.

Some other developments include:

Working with partners and other companies to provide new technology solutions in the areas of business continuance, identity management, and RFID

Incorporating evidence-based medicine into practice through integration with Zynx Health, Inc.

The development of a new Oncology product to better manage the complex needs of Oncology departments

Expanding medication management capabilities to include e-prescribing and medication reconciliation from DrFirst, Inc.

Offering standard interoperability suites to help customers transition to emerging EHR standards



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