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NetSuite Inc., an American software company based in San Mateo

NetSuite Inc. is an American software company based in San Mateo, California, that sells an eponymous group of software services used to manage a business's operations and customer relations. Customers access these services over the internet, through internet browsers, paying a periodic subscription fee. NetSuite's services are primarily aimed at medium- to enterprise-sized businesses.


NetSuite groups its services into four main suites plus NetSuite OneWorld:

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) - NetSuite ERP supports back office operations which includes financial, human resources, orders, inventory, shipping and billing. The product earned PC Magazine's Editor's Choice in 2013.

Customer relationship management (CRM) – NetSuite CRM supports sales, marketing operations and customer insights.

E-commerce - SuiteCommerce is intended as a platform for online sales and integration with traditional phone and Point of Sale (POS) sales. SuiteCommerce platform is currently in use by over 1600 websites online.

Professional services automation (PSA) - NetSuite PSA manages the operations of service-based, project-oriented businesses.

NetSuite OneWorld offers the above services plus additional capabilities for multinational companies such as the ability to manage multiple subsidiaries, currencies, accounting standards and tax requirements.



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