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UCLA offers freshman admission to 17,500, including more Californians

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UCLA offers freshman admission to 17,500, including more Californians Science & Technology World Website

Overall, UCLA admitted more than 17,500 outstanding high school seniors, including 4,600 U.S. students from outside of California and approximately 2,500 international students. The admitted class hails from nearly every county in California, 49 states and 81 countries, and it is the most ethnically, socioeconomically and geographically diverse group of admitted students in UCLA history.

Among Californians who were admitted, almost one-third are from low-income families, and a similar percentage indicated that neither of their parents has graduated from a four-year college or university.

“Increasingly, students from across California and the world are finding UCLA to be a compelling college choice because of the exceptional combination of world-class academic programs and our amazingly diverse student body and residential community,” said Youlonda Copeland-Morgan, UCLA’s vice provost for enrollment management.

The figures also indicate that UCLA’s energetic efforts to boost the diversity of its incoming students have borne fruit. The number of admission offers to students from ethnic groups that were historically underrepresented at UCLA increased significantly over last year. There were 24 percent more admission offers to African-American students for 2016 than there were last year, and the figures for Hispanic and Latino students (17 percent increase) and American Indian students (21 percent increase) also rose significantly.

Among all admitted first-year students from the U.S., 41 percent are Asian-American, nearly 29 percent are white, 19 percent are Latino and 5 percent are African-American.

Admission to UCLA for fall 2016 was again exceptionally competitive. The campus admitted about 18 percent of the 97,115 high school seniors who applied this year.

Working with the University of California Office of the President to set enrollment targets, UCLA will enroll about 6,400 new first-year students, including 4,800 California residents — an increase of 600 over fall 2014 — and about 1,600 students from outside of California.

In keeping with its longstanding commitment to transfer students, UCLA also offered admission to more than 5,700 exceptional transfer students from an applicant pool of more than 22,000. Campus officials expect to enroll about 3,300 new transfer students in the fall, including 150 more Californians than fall 2014.

“We’re so excited to welcome our new transfer students to UCLA this fall,” said UCLA admissions director Gary Clark. “These students continue to contribute to the quality, richness and diversity of the undergraduate experience at UCLA.”

In total, the University of California system’s nine undergraduate campuses offered admission to 105,631 freshman applicants and 23,870 transfer applicants for fall 2016. Statistics for all of the campuses are available at the UC Office of the President’s website. 



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