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Cancer Prevention Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Cancer Prevention Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is developing novel therapeutic agents, diagnostics, and lifestyle recommendations that make possible the treatment of risk factors for cancer. Their clinical focus is in familial adenomatous polyposis, neuroblastoma and the prevention of recurrence in colon cancer survivors. However, CPP also has therapeutic prevention approaches for prostate cancer, breast cancer, and skin cancers which will be developed together with the National Cancer Institute (as resources become available in the future) and multiple academic partners.

Coal mining lore has it that canaries provided an early warning system to coal miners prior to the advent of sophisticated ventilation systems. Miners brought canaries into mine shafts to serve as a detection system. When the canaries stopped singing and fell off their perch that alerted the miners that gas levels in the mines were high and the miners had to evacuate before they were overcome with noxious fumes. The canaries provided the miners with protection before it was too late. That is where Cancer Prevention Pharmaceutical’s philosophy and the canary’s ability to save lives intersect. CPP seeks to identify and treat cancer precursors before the cancer has a chance to take hold. We are to cancer what canaries were to miners.



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