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​Nareva is an energy company in Morocco

Nareva is an energy company in Morocco wholly owned by the SNI, the holding company of king Mohammed VI.

The company has multiple wind farm projects. The units in Akhenfir, Haouma and Foum El Oued, with a capacity of 100MW; 50MW and 50MW respectively, sell electricity directly to industrial clients, whereas the one in Tarfaya (300MW) sells its production to the ONEE, under a 20-years contract and through a structure called TAREC (Tarfaya Energy Company), a 50–50 venture with GDF Suez.

Nareva is in the process of constructing a coal-powered electricity generation unit in Safi. The facility is under construction and is set to open in 2017. Its biggest client is set to be the country biggest industrial operator, the OCP, the phosphate mining company. Nareva, through its subsidiary Safi Energy Company, would sell electricity to the state-owned ONEE (Office National de l'Electricité et de l'Eau) under a 30-year contract.



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