Virtual Reality Box Headset, High Definition with 36% off

Virtual Reality Box Headset High Definition with 36% off Science & Technology World Website

There's no doubt about it: virtual reality is the future of entertainment. Major movies are already filmed in 3D, and many game developers are producing immersive titles to be experienced through VR headsets.

You can cough up hundreds of dollars for a headset, but Virtual Reality Box is a more affordable option. This device pairs your smartphone with outstanding optics and good comfort, and it's now available for just $18.99, or 36% off MSRP via Gizmag Store.

The headset is compatible with most smartphones, using the screen to display 3D content. It requires very little setup, and the T-strap keeps the device firmly seated on your head.

You'll view your media through two 42mm resin lenses, which offer superb optical quality and a spacious field of view. They can also be adjusted by each wearer. The headset itself is made from durable ABS plastic, and it weighs just over one pound.

Order now to get Virtual Reality Box for just $18.99, with free shipping to the US included.


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