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g2 revolution®, an innovative recycling company

g2 revolution®, an innovative recycling company. Science & Technology World Website

g2 revolution® (g2) is an innovative recycling company founded upon our commitment to provide customized recycling solutions to our clients. g2 is focused on providing efficient and cost-effective means of recycling a wide spectrum of materials at retail, industrial, medical, and commercial locations in the United States, its territories and Canada. 

We let the needs of our clients drive the specifics of each unique program we develop. Whether driven by regulatory compliance, cost savings, environmental goals or a need to return waste products into saleable merchandise. g2 revolution® has designed and implemented programs for companies of all sizes and is currently deployed in thousands of locations. 

Utilizing our proprietary eco*trak® reporting system, we provide our clients with timely recycling data, reporting by individual for each material recycled, if needed. At g2 revolution®, we are Changing the Way the World Recycles®. 



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