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Sony PlayStation 4 coming to India on Dec 18

Sony has overtaken rival Microsoft and announced that its next generation gaming console PlayStation 4 will be launched in India on December 18. Meanwhile, there has been no announcement from Microsoft on the launch or availability of Xbox One in India.

The PlayStation 4 marks Sony's move away from the Cell architecture seen in PS3. Cell architecture was jointly developed by Sony, Toshiba and IBM, but many developers found it difficult to make games for the PS3 due to its complicated architecture. Sony has used AMD processors in the PS4 in a bid to make it developer-friendly.

Sony PS4 is the successor to the PS3, which was launched in 2006. PS4 was first launched in the US on November 15, followed by Europe, Australia and UAE. The India launch of the console is scheduled ahead of countries such as Japan, Indonesia and Singapore. In the US, PS4 costs $400 (Rs 25,000).

The console has done well in the US, with reports indicating that 2.1 million units were sold within 15 days of the US launch. Sony's PS4 has been priced aggressively against Microsoft Xbox One, which costs $500 (Rs 31,000). However, that hasn't hit sales of Microsoft's console in the US (2 million units sold since launch).

Details about pricing and availability in India will be known after the launch. Stay tuned.



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