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Amazon expands Chinese market with healthcare products

  • ByCNR2016-04-13 15:09:00

With the help of global supplier resource and domestic wave of sport events, Amazon China is quickly seizing the healthcare products market. Amazon China has announced that the international sport nutrition mall is launched officially, involving nutrition replacement and sport nutrients. Taking advantage of the global resource, the overseas healthcare products sold by Amazon China can be delivered within 3 days averagely.

Affected by import tariff policy, the prices of overseas shopping become the most concerned topic of consumers. Shi Jianjun, vice president of Amazon China said that, Amazon China purchases directly from the brand party or overseas authorized dealers with price advantage. Besides, in the aspect of logistics speed, the products of “overseas flashing shopping” are all delivered by bonded warehouse or Hong Kong warehouse via domestic logistics, which can arrive to consumers within three days generally.

It is reported that the products of Amazon’s international sport nutrition mall are mostly from the US, Canada, Britain, and Germany, with more than 30 brands involving GNC, Optimum, and BSN, etc.

The global logistics and cross-border resource of Amazon China also provide opportunity to the mass international brands which are coveting Chinese market. Yang Wenge, the president of China district of GNC said the company could expand the Chinese market rapidly with the advantage of Amazon in the field of cross-border e-commerce.

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